How to Enjoy Fine Dining on a Budget

Few pleasures in life beat fine dining. As much as we enjoy a fancy dinner, the experience can be detrimental to our budget. Read on to uncover the tricks that will bring your expenses down and delight your entire family.

  1. It's not mandatory to go to a restaurant. You can easily access fine dining recipes to cook a more exotic dish at home. The experience will often save you at least half of the bill that most restaurants would charge you.
  2. Even when cooking at home, ask your family to dress up for the atmosphere. If possible, set up a routine in which family members take turns cooking gourmet meals.
  3. Use your best china and cutlery, adjust the lights and the music to bring home more of the atmosphere of fine dining establishments. The drinks will cost you significantly less than the ones on a menu typical for fancy restaurants. The appetizers and desserts will also be more affordable for you and help you save money.
  4. Order your first meal for delivery or pick it up yourself on the same night. If you find a reasonably-priced meal on the lunch menu, consider having it on your dinner menu at home. You will discover that you can save a decent amount of cash on dishes during home restaurant weeks.
  5. If you're cooking, you can have more dishes and let your family choose what they want to eat. Alternatively, if you know everybody enjoys the food, cook more of it and pack it for their work or school lunches the next day.

If you have a family tradition of dining out on special family occasions, but your budget doesn't currently allow for it, you have two main options to borrow money:

  1. Personal loans from banks or credit unions. For fine dining experiences that involve more people, like an engagement, anniversary, or small wedding party, consider a loan that you will pay back in fixed monthly installments.
  2. Cash advances from direct lenders. Take a smaller loan of up to $1,000 that you will quickly pay off from your next paycheck. This option is suitable for smaller family events like birthday or graduation parties.

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